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Come and grab the most comfortable bar seat in town and enjoy our friendly hospitality, amazing drinks and food. 


Less than 20ft from our beautiful bar is the distillery, the home of the multi award winning 1000 Piers Gin.  You can sit at the bar and see our still, George, through a large window.  Having a distillery on site, means we are passionate about making and serving great liquor.

Our cocktail menu always features a number of outstanding 1000 Piers Gin signature cocktails however it also celebrates a range of other amazing spirits ensuring we have an offer for all of our Guests tastes.  Ask our bar staff to give you a Gin Tasting, our team always love seeing people's faces as they discover how delicious Gin can be and how it has changed from what people expected.  Book a tasting in our distillery tasting room if you want to find out more about gin and how we make our award winning products. 

Our bar also features a number of local North Carolina beers on tap and a great wine list.

Making a delicious Blueberry 75 cocktails
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